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I’m Rel McCoy (FKA Relic The Oddity)  My friends call me Rel.

Rel On Stage Vesta July 2023 G.jpg

I’m a Emcee | Producer out of Toronto, now living in Spain. Hiphop has been in my heart since I first heard it back when I was about 12 yrs old. Rhymes and beats are my obsession, and my therapy.

Live show crowd pics SQUARE.jpg

Check Tha Resume

I’ve toured Australia, Japan, the U.S, and Canada coast to coast numerous times. I’ve played amazing festivals, like SXSW and the Pan Am games, and I’ve met and opened shows with some of my favourite artists, including The Pharcyde, Slaughterhouse, Jeru Tha Damaja, Masta Ace, Zion-I, Araab Muzik, and more.

But yo, I want to send you an autographed CD of one of my full length albums for free.

And to be straight up, it’s “pay what you want” - so you can pay more if you like

but $0 is completely cool too. 👊🏼



Buuut…wait, what is really up with this tho?

An old favourite show of mine Cheers said it best..


Making your way in the world today takes everything you’ve got.

Taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot.

Wouldn’t you like to get away??…


Life is crazy. I escape into music. It helps me process the the highs and lows

and just deal with the everyday. It keeps me out of trouble.

I make music that I feel, and if I’m keeping it 100 with you… I do it for me.

but... yet and still I know it’s not just for me. Know what I mean?

If I can be that escape for someone else, that's real dope to me.

Rel Studio Dark 2.jpg

I drew a blank

I’m usually inspired by my surroundings. I was touring a lot, spending a ton of time on the road, and the days began to blur together. I was so exhausted and uninspired. The music I was hearing wasn’t inspiring me at all. Something was missing.

Rel At Desk 3 FIXED.jpg

the birth of a new album

I kept mulling over this idea I had.  I wanted to make a project that featured some of the amazing producers I know, but didn't have any ideas for a title or concept for it. One of my friends was by the studio, and we were talking about how so much of the touring we did was for the love, and  how we would usually come home from those shows with not much more than gas money in our pockets...

That’s where the album title came from: GAS MONEY


beat connections

It's been so dope to build with so many amazing producers, forging some truly unforgettable experiences with creators I admire. For Gas Money I narrowed it down to a handful of producers who I was connected to personally, and thought would be the perfect fit for the sonic backdrop. Namely, Moka Only (Swollen Members), Elaquent (Skyzoo), Fresh Kils (Ali Shaheed Mohammed), Lancecape (Monolith), Ric Notes (Shad) and Tone Mason (Drake, Jay-Z). 

art therapy for you… and me both

I’m a full time artist making moves with no label and with my own funds, which if I’m being real, is exactly how I like it. Complete creative control, so I can do what I love. And, as it turns out, the core what I love is hiphop and connecting with people. You know? Doing what you love to do can be the most cathartic, encouraging thing you can do with your life. So the music really is therapy.

head and shoulders Rel Raptors Cap.png

Whuts the matter

Subject matter in my songs varies just as much as my experiences do from day to day. I don’t really go much for the “these are all the cool things that I have that you don’t” type raps. I also try to avoid the corniness; I just do me. From substance abuse, to my regret of bullying a kid at school, to more triumphant songs and others that are just fun with wordplay, I love to run the gamut of feels. I’ll meet you on the mountain top, and in the valley just the same. We're on this ride of life together, and I provide a little theme music along the way. 👊🏼

Of all my albums, this is one that I want to make sure people get to hear.

That’s why I’m giving away CD copies of it.

That's Me.

If you’re like me, you’re figuring yourself out along the way in life. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in mine, and I don’t shy away from talking about that kind of stuff in my music. Leave the perfect raps for the perfect rappers. That ain’t me. Music is a dialogue (at least in my head it is) and sometimes we just gotta know we’re not alone in the world.


I write these records in from a relational perspective because music has helped me in my journey so immensely. So, if you don’t mind covering the shipping, I want to send you this CD that is kinda like a chunk of my soul, entitled Gas Money I don’t need to get paid on this one, I just think you should take in these jawns. They just might bless your life. My hope is that they will.


Let’s make it official yeah? Let me go ahead and put an autograph on the CD for you as well. If you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this site page, I’d fully get it if you were skeptical to pay shipping for some rando artist’s disc just cause you happened to click a button on a fb or insta post.. I feel that. So here’s everything you need to know about ordering, so you can feel legit about this:

The CD is iLL

Check out that enigmatic cover. This is no cheap pressing, it’s a glossy full colour 4 panel digi-pack, with full colour CD print face as well. Slick as u can get… we cut NO corners on these lil gems.

Gas Money CD Product Photo Front FIXED.jpg
Gas Money CD Product Photo Open FIXED.jpg

The Official

Let me grab a sharpie and rock a lil Rel throw-up tag on that jawn for ya..

That way you know it’s the official, and it came straight from the source. ME! I’ma package this up for you personally. U know this 🙏🏼.

You get immediate mp3 and wav downloads. As soon as you complete your order, you’ll get sent to a page where you can download the album.


Ships (certified mail) within a week!

It’s just me packing these cds, but you should see a shipping confirmation with a tracking number within 7 days of ordering! and if you don’t? email me and i’ll refund you. you’re worth it.

REL pic 001.jpg


If you go through this whole process, and you’re somehow like, “Rel McCoy is a TOY. 🤬 I hate his music, hate this cd thing, hate his face. this wasn’t worth it.” you can ask me to refund your shipping cost within 30 days and i will, no questions asked.

Rel On Stage Vesta July 2023 D.JPG


Much love for the support. I appreciate that you reached the bottom of this page and read thru this novel!  😂👊🏼. Reeeeespect. I hope i’ll be sending you a package soon!

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