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Originally released on illect recordings, this 17 song album is entirely self produced, and features greats like Theo 3, Grimace Love, Eternia, Die-rek, Moka Only, and RationaL. 


Includes album artwork .jpg, and both high quality .wav and .mp3 formats.

Also includes a bonus remix by DJ Kair One, exclusive to

(not available on streaming platforms, or for sale in any other location) 


"This project was one that was written at a time in life where I was facing some deep personal difficulties, and felt like I was at a crossroads. A number of the songs were written in a hotel room in Xuxhou China, where I was doing some work at the time. Those moments alone made me look inward, and also cry out for some much needed direction. If I'm honest, there is always a good dose of "Limbo" in my writing, but this time it was something much deeper. Not many know, but tracks 7,8, and 9 are meant to be listened to back to back. They are a trilogy of songs that  were theraputic for me to write, and helped me through some rough spots. I hope they speak to you aswell. I feel like my light is dim sometimes, but at other times, in retrospect, I can see that there is a light that is constantly shining on my path. Don't give up. Tomorrow is always ripe with change." - Rel


Track List

1. Named In A Dream

2. On Anotha

3. Trust Issues feat. Theology 3

4. The Moment feat. Grimace Love

5. That Guy

6. Sun Shine

7. Feels Like Limbo

8. Icarus

9. This Guy

10. Part Of The Plan feat. RationaL

11. So Far Removed

12. Peace feat. Eternia

13. Screen Love

14. Getting By feat. Moka Only

15. Hallelujah feat. Die-Rek

16. What's It All For

17. Call Of The Times

18. Call Of The Times Remix [prod DJ Kair One]


All songs produced (excluding remix), recorded, mixed and mastered by Rel McCoy at The Reservoir Studio, Brampton Ontario, Canada. 

A Different Crown

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