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A 💎 exclusive record! 

Not available for sale in any other location.


Rel's LIMITED EDITION Golden EP in CD format.  


"In late September 2013, I got a call from my man RationaL. He asked me if I wanted to join him on a tour with Kyprios across Canada. I accepted the invite. The tour jumped off in about 3 weeks, and I realized that I had no new material ready, and  not a lot of merchandise left over from the previous tours that promoted the Miles To Go album. Knowing it would take 2 weeks to get CDs back from manufacturing, I scrambled and pulled these 6 songs together in a week. Produced, recorded, arranged, mixed, and mastered. I don't recall if I actually got any sleep over those 7 days 🤦‍♂️ By the time the tour stared in B.C. I had a heap of "Golden" CDs ready to selll at the shows. That would be the first of a few tours I did to push this record. Really glad I did it. Working under pressure sometimes brings out the gems." - Rel


Track List

1. Follow Me

2. Golden

3. A Wink & A Nod

4. Loud Enuff feat. Moka Only

5. Thru The Motions

6. One Half


All songs produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Rel McCoy at The Reservoir Studio, Brampton Ontario, Canada. 

Golden CD

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