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A 💎 exclusive record! 

Not available on streaming platforms, or for sale in any other location.

Includes album artwork .jpg, and both high quality .wav and .mp3 formats.


Track List

1. Gone Clear Instrumental

2. Nobody Like You Instrumental

3. Work Of Heart Instrumental

4. Pocket Full Of Change Instrumental

5. Out Of The Blue Instrumental

6. The Valley Instrumental

7. Laugh Lines Instrumental

8. Falling Stars Instrumental

9. The Goodness Instrumental

10. Down & Dirty Instrumental

11. The Extra Mile Instrumental

12. Action Figure Instrumental

13. Family Man Instrumental

14. Miles To Go Instrumental



All songs produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Rel McCoy at The Reservoir Studio, Brampton Ontario, Canada. 

Miles To Go Instrumentals

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