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Includes album artwork .jpg, and both high quality .wav and .mp3 formats.


"When Peace reached out to me with the beat for 1180, I was amped. I knew of Peace from his group Freedom Of Soul.. wait, let me take it back further. I am from a family of athiests. I grew up that way, and didn't know anything outside of that. When my friend Nate showed me this Dynamic Twins tape, I was like, yoo who is that? those beats are hard AF! 😂 He told me about them, SFC, P.I.D, Freedom Of Soul, and a bunch more. I was like, wait... these cats are christians? no.. christians are rapping now? It was a revelation to me, I had no idea. It also was a catalyst that sparked my spiritual journey, or rather caught me in the middle of that journey, and helped me open my heart.  So.. Peace hit me wit the beat for 1180, I sent it back with the song done in a couple days, and he was like YO REL, WE GOTTA DO A RECORD! The rest is history. Peace is such a genuine dude, and he came thru with the HEAT. So glad we did this record. Some of the funnest writing I've done in a while" -Rel


Track List

1. No More Soda feat. DJ Kair One

2. Move The Decimal

3. Toys

4. Love Jones

5. Smoke & Mirrors

6. 1180 feat. DJ Kair One

7. The Sliver

8. Move The Decimal Remix [prod Theory Hazit] A 💎 exclusive record! Not available on streaming platforms, or for sale in any other location.


All beats (original tracks 1-7) by Peace 586, recorded, mixed and mastered by Rel McCoy at The Reservoir Studio, Brampton Ontario, Canada.


Please send a direct message through the site if you would like us to make the official lyric sheets available. 

No More Soda

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