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A 💎 exclusive record! 

Not available on streaming platforms, or for sale in any other location.


"Scarlem D hit me with a ton of beats, and I quickly selected these 6. I wanted to have a nice range of sounds that complimented each other, and was inspired to bring out some different concepts that fit the vibes. The story telling on Get There was definitley a step outside the box for me.. The title track Not For Nothing was also an adventure in writing, cause I never really wrote a singing hook like that one before." - Rel



Track List

1. Plan A

2. No Wonder 

3. Get There

4. Three Times

5. Pins & Needles

6. Not For Nothing


Beats by Scarlem D. All songs, written, recorded, arranged, mixed and mastered by Rel McCoy at The Reservoir Studio, Brampton Ontario, Canada. 

Not For Nothing CD

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