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Includes album artwork .jpg, and both high quality .wav and .mp3 formats.

Also includes 2 previously unreleased remixes 

1 Plus 1 Remix [prod Salty Jackson] not available on streaming platforms, or for sale in any other location.
Time Machine Remix [prod Fresh Kils] not available on streaming platforms, or for sale in any other location.


"I really didn't know how to push It's All RELative, my previous record. I just wanted to make the music. When I had this one put together, and got the masters back from Laquer Channel, I knew I had to do everything I could to get people listening. I did a ton of college radio interviews, as many shows as I could book, playing NXNE and CMW festivals, and even flew out to Saskatoon to open for Slaughter House as a part of the promotion. This was a beautiful re-start for me, kind of why I titled it "The Green Light". I look back on this one like it was really my first album. " - Rel


Track List

1. The Green Light

2. Stronger

3. Hopefull

4. Just The Day feat Saukrates

5. Out There

6. Count Your Blessings feat Shad

7. Give & Take

8. Invisible Lines feat OmsLaw

9. One Plus One

10. Let Em Know feat Brotha Soul & Kam Moye (Supastition)

11. Easy Now

12. Time Machine

13. And It Don't Stop

14. One Plus One Remix [prod Salty Jackson] A exclusive record

15. Time Machine Remix [prod Fresh Kils] A exclusive record


All songs produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Rel McCoy at The Reservoir Studio, Brampton Ontario, Canada. 


The Green Light

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