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Customize your gear with these brand new embroidered patches. Each design is based on Rel's tattoos and has it's own meaning, correlating with a song on the new album. 


Slightly scaled down but true to the original design, each sticker is a duplicate of one of Rel's tattoos. Each tattoo design inspired a cornerstone song on the new album. 

Record Store


All of these CD's are limited edition pressings, so supplies are running out! As you may know, I am located in Spain, so all prices are now in €uros, and yes we ship worldwide.  


This right here is the place to cop the official high quality digital downloads. Each download includes high quality wav and mp3 formats .jpg album art. Some releases include remixes not available anywhere else.


Each download includes high quality wav and mp3 formats .jpg album art. 



Lock & Load™ is a series of drum loops created with the producer in mind. Each volume has 25 different tempo labeled drum loops, along with their respective stems, yielding and assortment of kicks, snares, hi-hats and more. It’s designed fo you to  drag and drop, mix and match to compile your own unique kits, or chop the original sounds in your own style. 


WHY? Why on earth would ANYONE buy a beat pack without first being able to at least hear some of what they're paying for?? If you're a critical thinker, and conscious about where you spend your hard earned cash, we're on the same page. That's why I want you to TASTE, and see that these loops are GOOD!  Click here for your FREE Lock & Load™ sample pack download. 

Since I first started sampling records back in the mid 90’s, I always wondered what it would be like to have the master tapes of some of the bands in my vinyl collection. What would it be like  to chop the separated drums, layer the individual sounds back together, and form different loops that I could call my own? I took that idea and delivered it here in my own style, using the Emu SP1200, the Akai MPC3000 and MPC2500, and the Ensoniq ASR-X. Each drum sound was sampled from vinyl, layered, compressed,  mixed and mastered. With today’s DAWs amazing time stretching and processing capabilities, and your unique ear and skills, the sky is really the limit with these loops! I hope you have fun using them as much as I did making them. Enjoy! - Rel

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