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 Behind the vision 

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                                                                                                                                                Just days after my last record release, I left Toronto and moved to Spain. My life changed in a big way. That’s when I knew I'd be better off slowing down a bit, and taking my time with this next project. The change of scenerey really helped, and allowed my musical sensibilities room to stretch out some. This record is  a purposeful step out of the box, conceptually, stylistically, and in how I approached the writing. I'm excited to share it with you once again, this time on compact disc. 

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 Follow along with the full color booklet which includes the lyrics for all 10 songs on the album. This classic 4 panel digi-pack is printed in high gloss, capturing every detail from the original vinyl artwork with exact precision. 

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 the indelible creative act 

                  The permanent creative expression that tattoos are, always made made me want to put thought into the ones I got. If it’s gonna be there forever, it should carry some meaning with it right?  I feel the same way about the songs I write, so my tattoos seemed like a good place to pull an album concept from.  I stuck to the "concept album" path, and that pushed me to new places in the writing and production which in turn lent to a more cohesive album.

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Morph mode

                                                                                                         As I was listening back to the first demos of the record, I realized  that I had been looking for some personal change. Spiritually, creatively, socially, humanly. Later, in the project’s final phase I would find that this personal evolvolution was more important than I had first understood. It was to help me cope with the tragic suicide of my older brother, the death of both my stepfather and my dad, and the loss of one of my closest friends, all in pretty close proximity to each other. The process of creating is therapuetic somehow. I'm thankful for it.

Not just a collector's item disc, each (premium version) TSKC CD comes with high quality digital downloads of both the album AND the TSKC instrumentals in .wav and .mp3 formats.

(TSKC instrumentals not available anywhere else!) 

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                                                 I love connecting with people. I hope that shows in my music. One of the ways I do that is through email with my online community, sharing about what I'm up to in my daily life, and recieving input on creative decisions every now and then. This new CD has it's layout, design and features based on feedback from my email community. It's an amazing piece of work that has a special feeling to it. I'm so thankful for the input, it came together better than I had imagined! If you're one of those who contributed to the survey for the CD layout and design, BIG shout out to YOU!

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The indicator

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                                                              This is a very personal record, one that I’m more than happy to share with anyone with ears to hear. I learned a lot while making these songs. I feel like that’s an intrinsic value that comes with making art. It’s also a decent indicator that I’ve taken the right path, or at least as close as I can get to it. If I get to feeling like I can’t improve on the creation of these records, that’ll be the day I pack it in and go do something else. Hopefully that day will never come.

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Order yours today!

Rel McCoy - The Tiger The Sparrow The Koi & The Chameleon 

Full length album - Compact Disc 

 (Premium Version) features: 


*DIGITAL DOWNLOADS .wav & mp3TSKC 10 song album &

TSKC instrumentals  (not available anywhere else)


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TSKC | crewneck

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                                                                Here comes that cool night breezing… It’s no time to simply be sporting just the T.S.K.C. polo… (although you do look cool as ever in it)  but this right here.., this? This is the ultimate polo companion, the official T.S.K.C. Crewneck! Scientists can’t determine how you’re able to keep so cozy warm, and yet are visibly, obviously, undoubtedly, arguably,  the most frosty chill in this classic one of a kind long-sleeve. Check out the symbols on the front tho! Heat pressed and also hand sewn for the double seal of approval and maximum strength. The embroidered patches on this one of a kind pullover are stunning! Comes in Black, with all 4 album symbol patches across the front.  4 size selections


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Sparrow Polo Zen Blue.png
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TSKC | Polo

                                                                This short-sleeve technical polo-shirt is maaaad comfortable tho. No cap! Made from 100% cotton, its breathable, easy to wash and dry fabric keeps that smooth feeling intact, to keep you looking fresh season after season. The classic knitted collar and 3 button placket bring that classy look, whether you like to rock it closed to the top button, or wide-open, Tom Selleck style. Now in fashion for both men and women, the TSKC Polo comes  in 4 different color choices -  The Tiger (clay orange), The Sparrow (zen blue) , The Koi (light pink), or The Chameleon (mist green). Comes in and in 4 size selections, S M L XL.  Did we mention?? These polos are the perfect pairing with T.S.K.C. Unisex Crew neck sweater. Pop that collar out the top of the crew neck for max fleek! 

                                                                The official TSKC beanie. They say cooler heads prevail…  but frozen heads fail.  Head out in the cold and retain your body heat in style this year. This bad-ass beanie is made from 100% soft-touch acrylic... sooo soft to the touch and well  insulating. This unisex luxurious double layer knit cuffed beanie is available in Black (with TIger embroidered patch) White (with Sparrow embroidered patch) Surf  Blue (with Koi embroidered patch) and Bottle Green (with Chameleon embroidered patch) Rep the new Rel McCoy album in style with a  TSKC Beanie today! One size fits all adults.

TSKC | Beanie

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                                                            Easy peel back, the stickers included in this package are single color with clear backing. Great for transparent surfaces. (the yellow aspect seen in the thumbnail is actually the color of the peel off backing)


TSKC | stickerS (4)


Just want to put this bug in your ear. All that you see here, comes from me.  It's not just the music. From photos, to web design, to written copy, merch designs, video animations and a ton more... ALL of it. I'm working at this constantly. I say that to say, please forgive me if I missed something along the way, or made tpyos  of any kind etc.  Secondly, every order in the shop big or small, are what keep me doing this. Not a hobby, a full time job that I'm grateful to have. I'm doing my best to honour you with my commitment to make great music, and honor myself by staying transparent and down to earth.. Please accept my deepest THANK YOU for your continued support. 👊🏼💥


making it happen

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