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"I love taking my time with the verses. Penning bars in 15 - 20 mins has never   been my style, and I can say I have never "phoned one in". If you're able to do that, either my hat is off to you, or I'm pretty sure you're part of the problem. I feel like every opportunity to shine is a great one, and you only dissing yourself if you're not giving it 100%. What's more, how are you gonna guage your process in the game? If you are only sometimes coming with your best, i don't know how you can really track your progress. Yeah writing can be challenging, but also mad rewarding. I stay building my skills, and been trying to outdo myself since the first rhyme I wrote. I feel like if you dip your ear in you can see the progression and growth through the journey of songs." - Rel

REL On Stage Halifax 15 EDIT B.png

Here's a few songs featuring Rel, with full records below. Pop over and check out more here.

Got a song you think Rel would sound great on? -> For features, inquire here.

Featuring here on one of my favorite songs on the album FREE that I produced for my very good friend and world class emcee Eternia

That Brotha Lokey brings the head nod every time. I'm featuring in this song from his album Urban Revival with my bro Die-Rek

Did this jawn with 2nd Team from their album Wandering Strangers alongside the ever dope Deacon The Villian of CunninLynguists

My bro Joint Beauty out of Japan is nice with the beats. I did this feature song Turn Em Up with him on his album Amatsuka

Me and my bro Mad Dukes out of Buffalo on the track here, from his Open Affairs EP, produced by Fresh Kils

Me and my bro Royce Birth are featured here on the track "Was" by Dragon Fli Empire. on their album Mission Statement (under the name Relic - erroneous artist links like this one of the reasons I changed my artist name to Rel McCoy)

DJ Uncle Fester and Fresh Kils are The Extremities. Hear me trading verses here with emcee greats Percee P and Ghettosocks on The Extremities album Instruments.

I provided a hook and a verse on this track, alongside Griffin from the album Mending by Paradox & Sean P.

Die-Rek is the long time homie, and a dope emcee/producer out of Toronto. Here's a song we did together on his album The Dying Ones. 

Featuring both on the mic and on the beat alongside SwampThing, Wordburglar and my guy More Or Les on his song Icarus from his album Blow The F*ck Up (but stay humble)

Featured here with my bro Skizza on this laid back vibe as a part of his 2022 album Bridge City Underdog, remembering first loves. Chill vibes. 

Had so much fun with my man Shad creating this song. I provided the beat, feature verses and the song mix on this one, from the 2010 Juno award winning album TSOL



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