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Reservoir Studio

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Get the most out of your master. Accapella and Instrumentals mastered at no extra charge. 

Get the award winning sound your songs deserve. Got your recording down? Let's make it bang!


Get exclusive classic and modern HipHop instrumentals, remixes, and/or hired producer services.


 Here are a few of the songs we've worked on in some capacity either producing, recording, mixing, or mastering, or all of the above.   
Reservoir Studio 

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Hi I'm Mark. My friends call me Rel.

Nice to meet you. 👊🏼


I know text on a site can feel cold and distant, Holler at me. Let's talk about your music, and how I can help. If it's not a service I provide, or isn't a job I can take on at the moment, I'll try my best to connect you with another professional who can help. 

Mixer Keys


A lot of artists these days are recording themselves at home, and many of them are doing a great job. There's a ton of great free information out there on mics, pre-amps, room treatments and more. I always encourage the entreprenuerial spirit of home recording. Go employ yourself!! I love it. 

A problem I hear from many artists recording at home is the trouble they have when trying to add clarity, depth, or punch to their mixes. I've built my business around assisting artists and producers that are in this kind of jam. I turn their DIY sound into professional quality mixes. My long experience with HipHop has given me a fine tuned ear, and makes me a great choice for mixing this genre. Those beats gotta bang baby!  

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Your music is only made once but will be listened to thousands of times, and will likely stick around longer than you will. This is your creation, this is your legacy.


With that in mind, why cut corners on the finishing touches of your music? Mastering is the golden frame that your wonderful piece of art will sit in forever! Pop out those subtle yet meaningful nuances in your final mixes, fill out those gentle gaps in your low end for warmth and strength, and  ensure that your overall levels are complementary from track to track, meeting today's LUFS standard. We  provide full DDP, Vocal, Instrumental, and Clean masters at no extra charge. 

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SP-1200 | Maschine | Logic X | MPC3000 | MPC2500 |  MPC Studio  Mk2

These are a few of the weapons in my aresenal. 

All pre-productions / beats are sold exclusively with stems.

No cheap licenses here. Please Inquire about beats and or remixes. 

Producer services are offered by project basis. As in depth as you would like my involvement to be, I'll dive intp the creative process with you as we build your best songs yet. Contact me directly with  a link to where I can hear your music, and a description of the style of project you need a producer for. 


Established in 2000, the Reservoir Studio fixed it's sights on helping HipHop artists and producers solve problems with production, mixing, and recording. After a second studio build at a new location in 2007, the Reservoir's engineer Mark Morley went on to win a Juno in 2010, (Canadian Grammy - Shad) 2 Independent Music Awards in 2013, (Relic) and had a record in the #1 slot on college HipHop radio for more than 10 weeks n 2015 (Rel McCoy). The Reservoir would eventually introduce mastering to the service set in 2014, with Mark as acting producer and engineer on numerous projects and releases.    

Res  logo WHITE ON TAUP.png
We love people, We love music, and We love helping people make their music.
The Reservoir Studio
Problem solving for indie and signed HipHop artists and producers since Y2k.
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