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"I've been making beats ever since me and Arikitekt bought a SP-1200 so many years ago. A couple years later I copped a ASR-X Pro, a Prophet 2000 keyboard and a copy of Logic 4. Soon I had an MPC 2500, and MPC 3000 and more... I kept my head down and pushed my way through learning how to flip samples, arrange for emcees and singers, and eventually began to learn how to mix from my mentor Adam Messinger. (Justin Beiber / NKOTB) Soon I was producing, recording, mixing and mastering singles, EPs and full length albums for some great talent."

Below are a few of the albums Rel has produced.

 Looking to work on some music? this page is for you. 

I produced and mixed the beats on this album, and also provided a feature here and there. What a pleasure to work with such a talented emcee, and down to earth person. Eternia is the realest. 

My guy Wade is one of Canada's dopest emcees with a deep history in the battle scene. Wade and I really put our heads together on this one, and he challenged me in crucial ways that have affected the way I listen and produce music even until today. I produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered this album. 

Solar C is a beast, with a voice that's so unique. We had a lot of fun in some late night sessions banging this album out. The rugged style and still positive content is so great. I produced, recorded, mixed and mastered this album, and also provided features on a couple songs. 

Melancholy Flowers is a sample free beat tape I produced. Lots of chill / low-fi vibes for you to throw on in the background. Artwork by yours truly.

This is a reimagined version / tribute to one of our favorite songs by Gangstarr. SeAn Prominent came to me with the idea, I recreated the beat, and he slapped some heavy vocals on top. Incedentally, I also did the artwork for this one, influenced by the "Hard To Earn" album cover.  

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